Electronic Conveyancing

Why Electronic Conveyancing?

Electronic conveyancing, often known as e-Conveyancing, is the term for electronic transactions and settlements. 

Here at Mr Conveyancer, we are dedicated to fostering innovation in the conveyancing and real estate industries, as we strive to enhance our service to our clients.

Understanding PEXA

PEXA stands for Property Exchange Australia. PEXA is Australia’s e-conveyancing network that enables users to lodge documents and complete conveyancing settlements electronically.

What are the advantages of using PEXA?

Less paperwork. The conventional technique of offline conveyancing has several difficulties, ranging from postal expenses to delays caused by document mistakes. E-conveyancing allows untidy and time-consuming paperwork to be removed, and PEXA’s online document checks lessen the possibility of mistakes.

Faster. The conveyancing procedure is sped up and streamlined via e-conveyancing. This means that instead of waiting days for checks to clear, you can make digital payments right away.

Save money. E-conveyancing reduces the expenses of purchasing or selling a house by shifting every step of the conveyancing procedure online.

Track your property settlement. Buyers and sellers can download the mobile phone app which will enable them to track the process in real-time. Features include a personalised settlement checklist and instant alerts via SMS or email.

All of our clients at Mr Conveyancer are encouraged to utilise all of PEXA’s features. Our team has a wealth of expertise and knowledge of the system, and everyone is well prepared to settle your property online.

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