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When to engage a conveyancing solicitor ?

A question asked of us many times is, when is the best time to engage a conveyancing solicitor when purchasing or selling a house?

You have found the perfect property; you want to put in an offer, now is the time to start looking for property conveyancing to help you with the process from start to finish.

Conveyancers don’t just fill in the paperwork; they are constant support throughout the entire process, including negotiation, exchange of contracts and settlement.

You will need legal help pre-contract and post-completion, so if you are in the process of considering putting in an offer for a property, now is the time to engage a legal professional or conveyancer to help you with the process.

What does a conveyancer do in the property settlement process?

The conveyancer’s main role is to assist in the settlement process for buyers and sellers. While you might not see all the action behind the scenes, your conveyancer is carrying out a wide range of services to make sure your settlement runs smoothly.

Tasks your conveyancer might carry out include:

  • Preparing and lodging legal documents;
  • Preparing contract of sale;
  • Arranging for the deposit to be put into a trust account (in the case of the buyer);
  • Calculating any taxes or rates that need to be transferred;
  • Acting on your behalf during the settlement;
  • Contacting your bank or finance broker;
  • Responding to title questions;
  • Extending settlement dates should this be required; and
  • Much more.

As you can see, there is a wide range of tasks to carry out during the settlement process, and all tasks are unique to each state.

When is the best time to arrange a conveyancer?

If you have found a house or property you want to proceed with, and you are about to arrange a building and pest inspection, now is a great time to engage a qualified and professional conveyancing solicitor.

Your conveyancing solicitor will run searches for the property to ensure you are buying a property that is unencumbered and there are no easements you are unaware of.

While you can engage a conveyancer or lawyer at any time, the sooner the better is always a great option if you want a comprehensive conveyancing experience from start to finish.

In Victoria, it is essential for sellers to engage a conveyancing solicitor when they put their property on the market; you can find out more information here.


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