sale & purchase of businesses

Our experienced business sale lawyers are expert in ensuring that all protections and precautions are negotiated in your favour – to take account of unforeseen potential hurdles – in your business sale contract. They are also accomplished in the important steps that precede a business contract settlement, occur smoothly.

We will expertly assist with as much or as little as you require with each of the following:

  • Negotiating the terms and conditions of the sale agreement;
  • Reviewing + preparing a contract prepared on behalf of another party to the transaction;
  • Securing rights of intellectual property;
  • Transferring contracts of supply;
  • Due diligence advice prior to settlement;
  • Negotiating the assignment of leases;
  • Preparing or examining vendor finance security documents;
  • Preparing Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements ,
  • Pre-contractual Heads of Agreement;
  • Franchise deed assignments;
  • Preparing restraint of trade covenants;
  • Structuring the buyer’s purchase entity;
  • Employee transfers, employment contracts and entitlement adjustments for employees;
  • Transfer of business names, trademarks, and domain names;
  • Transfers of service contracts and permits;
  • Adjustments to business debtors;
  • Bank, Loan & Security arrangements.

Sale & Purchase of Businesses

We help you in many ways in the Sale and purchase of businesses, including:

  • To grasp a thorough understanding of the company’s commercial viability.
  • Due diligence after confirmation of the deal, but before any contract of Sale & Purchase of Business is signed
  • Drafting a lease transfer/new lease before the Sale & Purchase of Business
  • We thoroughly review the validity, terms and conditions of any sale and purchase of businesses, such as the deed of consent and assignment of lease (deed of assignment).

Mr Conveyancer is here to offer a complete solution to meet your needs. We have a ‘can do’ attitude and understand that timely and professional attention to detail is required for the best property transaction outcome. We will help you save time and money. Click here to contact us today and explore our quality service and legal conveyancing solutions. Your property deserves the assistance, quality and skill that we offer.

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