Sale or Purchase of a Business

Buying or selling a business is a significant decision that requires careful planning and execution. With multiple applications, licenses, contracts, leases, franchises, and complicated legal clauses, the process can be overwhelming and stressful. At Mr Conveyancer, we provide expert legal assistance to ensure a safe and smooth investment for your sale or purchase of a business.

Negotiating the Terms and Conditions of the Sale of Business Agreement

Our experienced business sale lawyers are experts in negotiating the terms and conditions of the sale agreement. We ensure that all protections and precautions are negotiated in your favor to take into account any unforeseen potential hurdles that may arise during the transaction. We assist with as much or as little as you require for each aspect of the sale or purchase, including reviewing and preparing a contract prepared on behalf of another party to the transaction.

Due Diligence and Contract Preparation

We provide due diligence advice before settlement and review the validity, terms, and conditions of any sale and purchase of businesses, such as the deed of consent and assignment of lease. Our team drafts a lease transfer or new lease before the Sale and Purchase of Business and prepares pre-contractual heads of agreement, non-disclosure, and confidentiality agreements. We also provide advice on securing rights of intellectual property and transferring contracts of supply.

Structuring the Buyer’s Purchase Entity and Employee Transfers

We assist in structuring the buyer’s purchase entity and transferring business names, trademarks, and domain names. Our expert team reviews and prepares vendor finance security documents, prepares restraint of trade covenants, and negotiates the assignment of leases. We also provide assistance with employment contracts and entitlement adjustments for employees, transfers of service contracts and permits, and adjustments to business debtors.

Commercial Legal Team

At Mr Conveyancer, our team has vast experience in the commercial law sector. We combine business sense with technical expertise to add value to your business.

Our expert legal services includes:

  1. Sale and purchase of businesses;
  2. Commercial/Retail Lease Transfers & Assignments;
  3. Franchisor/franchisee works;
  4. Business disputes;
  5. Share sale agreements;
  6. Partnerships;
  7. Contracts and agreements with third parties,
  8. Supply of goods and services contracts and issues;
  9. Employment agreements;
  10. Business structures;
  11. Loans, personal property securities, advice; and
  12. Commercial property advice.


Starting a new business venture is an important decision that requires sound legal advice to ensure a safe investment. The sale or purchase of a business is a complicated process that requires expert legal assistance to navigate successfully. At Mr Conveyancer, our experienced team of lawyers provides expert legal assistance for the sale or purchase of a business. We help you negotiate the terms and conditions of the sale agreement, conduct due diligence, and prepare contracts. We provide expert legal advice and assistance to ensure that your business investment is safe and successful. Contact us today for a smooth and hassle-free sale or purchase of a business.

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