Family Transfers

We can assist with all types of family transfers, including:

• Transfers between spouses and domestic partners.
• Transfers excluding spouse/domestic partner
• Transfers pursuant to the Family Law Act, such as on breakdown of a relationship
• Transfers between family members. For example, parent to child, husband to child, friend to friend and brother to sister.

A property transfer where the parties are known to each other is very common. It can be via a gift or sale, between parents and children, brothers and sisters, or to any external individual. In Melbourne and Victoria, a legal conveyancer must oversee the legal matters of stamp duty, valuation and capital gains tax matters. There’s a lot to consider with a family property transfer.

Although family transfers may sound easy on paper, there are a lot of legal formalities that have to be fulfilled, and sometimes a strong contract needs to be put into place. Property transfers that takes place between spouses or domestic partners are different from one which excludes them.

Contact us, your Melbourne title transfers team when you want to transfer property to a family member or a close relative, prior to signing any deed or contract. The property may be in the form of inheritance or as a gift. We will provide you with all the details and guide you through every step to complete the transfer in a cost effective and efficient manner.

We’re proud to offer a complete conveyancing service for our clients all across Melbourne, regional Melbourne and country Victoria. We offer competitive prices and are here to support you from one end of your property transaction to the other.

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