wills & powers of attorney

As well as legal property conveyancing, we work closely with Shane McClure – Lawyer & Mediator, who is approachable and has a keen interest in getting to know you and your legal needs. You will find Shane McClure and his team to be accessible and willing to work closely with you to develop a relationship and progress your goals.

With Shane McClure’s attention to detail, and high level of thinking to consider a range of possibilities, and then cover them off in your documents, after your conference with Shane you will have peace of mind, knowing that everything has been done to ensure that you are protected moving forward into the future.

Wills and Estates Services Offered

• Wills and Estate Planning
• Powers of Attorney & Guardianship
• Deceased Estates, Probate, Letters of Administration and Trust Administration
• Estate Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Shane McClure can also assist with personalised legal advice to make sure that you have proper arrangements about your estate and to ensure that your loved ones are protected moving forward into the future.

• Estate Planning including drafting & updating wills
• Storing your Will securely
• Testamentary discretionary trusts.
• Enduring Financial Powers of Attorney
• Enduring Medical Powers of Attorney (Medical treatment decision maker appointment)
• Support Person Appointment
• Applying for Probate or Letters of Administration
• Estate administration including collection and distribution of assets
• Supreme Court estate litigation
• Assistance with claims against Wills & Estates
• VCAT Guardianship applications and disputes
• Asset protection
• Elder law

Shane McClure provides a wide range of services for clients in need of sound and effective legal advice. Whilst he can also be a sophisticated, trial ready and aggressive lawyer, he is also a mediator, and works hard to understand your story in order to provide representation you can rely on when you need it most. Click here to contact Shane McClure and make an enquiry. Shane McClure has the understanding and compassion to help you move forward into the future.