Estate Administration & Probate

As well as legal property conveyancing, we work closely with Shane McClure – Lawyer & Mediator, who is approachable and has a keen interest in getting to know you and your legal needs. You will find Shane McClure and his team to be accessible and willing to work closely with you to develop a relationship and progress your goals.

When a loved one passes away, it’s not the easiest time to deal with the paperwork associated with their Estate. Shane McClure has vast experience in deceased estates, and offers a compassionate approach to help you with:

• Applying for Probate or Letters of Administration (in the event there was no Will or the Will is deemed invalid).
• Dealing with Centrelink and other government authorities.
• Collecting in assets including the sale of estate property or investments and distributing accordingly.
• All aspects of estate litigation including defending an estate, challenges to the validity of wills and general inheritance disputes.

Shane McClure provides a wide range of services for clients in need of sound and effective legal advice. Whilst he can also be a sophisticated, trial ready and aggressive lawyer, he is also a mediator, and works hard to understand your story in order to provide representation you can rely on when you need it most. Click here to contact Shane McClure and make an enquiry. Shane McClure has the understanding and compassion to help you move forward into the future.