Divorce & Defacto Separation

As well as legal property conveyancing, we work closely with Shane McClure – Lawyer & Mediator, who is approachable and has a keen interest in getting to know you and your legal needs. You will find Shane McClure and his team to be accessible and willing to work closely with you to develop a relationship and progress your goals.

Services include:

• Divorce
• Parenting
• Domestic Violence
• Property Disputes
• Mediation
• Prenuptial/Binding Financial Agreements

With over ten years’ experience in family law court appearances, lawyer Shane McClure will provide you with the amount of support that you need; whether it be a short consultation to discuss a potential separation or divorce or defacto separation, and its consequences, or complete legal representation from an experienced family lawyer in court.

Shane McClure’s goal is to save you time and to reduce your emotional burden so that you can focus on more important things, such as your children and your career. Being a Family Dispute Resolution Lawyer and Nationally Accredited Mediator, Shane McClure understands every family issue is unique, and gives personalised attention to every client.

Shane McClure has vast experience in all array of family law matters, including court appearances and can advise on the necessary documents required for starting a new relationship, ending a relationship, parenting disputes, and property disputes. Click here to contact Shane McClure and make an enquiry. Shane McClure has the understanding and compassion to help you move forward into the future.

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