Mortgage Guarantee Advice/Solicitors Certificates

Mortgage Guarantee Advice

At Mr Conveyancer Law Firm, we regularly provide mortgage guarantee advice, specifically the production of solicitors certificates. Our experienced lawyers provide general mortgage guarantee advice and also assist in preparing mortgage and loan documents.

We ensure that all necessary information is included in the documents and witness mortgage documents, providing a complete solution for your mortgage and loan needs.

What is a Solicitor’s Certificate?

A Solicitor’s Certificate is a certificate of Independent Legal Advice to a borrower or guarantor in relation to a loan.

We provide legal advice and confirm to the lender that the borrower or guarantor has received independent legal advice and understands the potential liabilities and risks involved in signing the security documents.

Legal Regulations for Solicitors Certificates

The Legal Profession Uniform Legal Practice (Solicitors) Rules 2015 govern solicitors in providing advice for loan and security documents.

Rule 11 imposes specific rules on solicitors in this regard. Solicitors must verify the identity of the proposed signatory and use the Law Institute of Victoria Australian Legal Practitioner’s Certificate for borrowers and guarantors. They must also provide the name of the interpreter or translator (if applicable) on the Legal Practitioner’s Certificate.

The Process for Obtaining a Solicitor’s Certificate

We have a strict policy of requiring at least 48 hours to review the documents between receiving them and providing the advice. You can provide us with a copy of all the security documents, which can be delivered to our office in hard copy or emailed in soft copy. We review the documents within 48 hours and provide a written letter of advice during the conference.

During the conference, we will provide detailed legal advice regarding the security documents. The person receiving the advice, and the solicitor providing the advice, must be present in the room. We do not allow any other person to be present to ensure the advice is independent and not influenced.

Can a Solicitor’s Certificate Be Completed Via Video Conference?

A Solicitor’s Certificate cannot be completed via video conference due to legislation. If a client is not properly advised, there may be risks associated with signing the documents. We recommend seeking financial advice before signing security documents. If a bank/lender is requesting their certificate to be signed, they must conform to the Solicitors Rules.

Benefits of Mr Conveyancer Law Firm’s Services

At Mr Conveyancer, we offer a complete solution for your mortgage and loan needs, ensuring that all necessary information is included in the documents and providing you with accurate and reliable legal advice.

We also offer the following services:

  • advice to seniors and elderly people about Reverse Mortgages;
  • advice on mortgage broking services and loans within families; 
  • reviews of mortgage and security documents.


Mortgages and loans are significant financial transactions that require careful planning and execution. At Mr Conveyancer, we provide a comprehensive solution to meet your mortgage and loan document preparation and advice needs. We offer general mortgage advice, preparation of mortgage and loan documents, specialized advice to seniors and elderly people about reverse mortgages, mortgage broking services, documentation for loans within families, and advice and assistance in relation to private lending. Our team ensures that all mortgage and loan security documents are reviewed accurately and clearly, ensuring that you will know exactly what you are signing and be given the appropriate independent legal certificate of advice.

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