Conveyancing Litigation

Conveyancing Litigation

As we are more than just conveyancers, our property lawyers will help you in your property transaction no matter what complication arises. If any legal disputes with your transaction do arise, the team at Mr Conveyancer will help sort it all out for you, even if that means litigation, and because we’re lawyers we’ll make sure your contracts are robust and you are protected in the first place.

  • Urgent court applications
  • Your conduct has put you at risk
  • All available options explored
  • Familiarity with the processes and practices of courts and tribunals
  • We will take the necessary steps to defend or advance any application

We are enthusiastic advocates, know the right barristers, counsel and experts to engage, always draft quality documents, are accustomed with the strict rules of courts and tribunals, and will work resolutely to get the job done and your dispute resolved.

Whether we appear personally on your behalf before a court or tribunal (which we regularly do by the way) or instruct counsel to appear, we understand what is required in order to present the best possible case.

Mr Conveyancer is here to offer a complete solution to meet your needs. We have a ‘can do’ attitude and understand that timely and professional attention to detail is required for the best property transaction outcome. We will help you save time and money. Click here to contact us today and explore our quality service and legal conveyancing solutions. Your property deserves the assistance, quality and skill that we offer.

What are you waiting for?

Mr Conveyancer is the solution. It's that simple, no hidden costs, no unexpected surprises. 
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