Title Transfers: Simplifying Family Transfers in Melbourne & Victoria

If you’re planning to transfer property to a family member or close relative, there are many legal formalities that must be fulfilled before you can complete the transaction. It can be via gift or sale, between parents and children, brothers and sisters, or to any external individual. Regardless of how simple or complex the transfer may be, you must make sure that you meet all of the legal requirements to avoid any future legal issues.

At Mr Conveyancer, we offer a complete solution for all types of family transfers, including:

  1. Transfers between spouses and domestic partners,
  2. Transfers excluding spouse/domestic partner,
  3. Transfers pursuant to the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), such as on the breakdown of a relationship, and;
  4. Transfers between family members, such as parent to child, husband to child, friend to friend, and brother to sister.
  5. Deceased Estate Transfers

Our experienced legal team is here to guide you through every step of the process and help you meet all of the legal requirements involved in property transfers in Melbourne and Victoria.

Legal Matters Involved in Family Property Transfers

A property transfer where the parties are known to each other is common, but it involves many legal formalities, including stamp duty, valuation, and capital gains tax matters. Although family transfers may sound easy on paper, sometimes a strong contract needs to be put in place. Property transfers that take place between spouses or domestic partners are different from those that exclude them.

Our Legal Conveyancing Property Transfer Services

We offer a range of legal conveyancing property transfer services to our clients, including purchase of houses, units, flats, and land, sale of houses, units, flats, and land, purchase of house and land packages, off-the-plan purchasing, purchase of retirement village interests, transfers pursuant to the Family Law Act, family transfers, transfers pursuant to deceased estates, and change of tenancy between joint proprietors and tenants in common. Our experienced team of legal professionals is here to help you with every aspect of your property transaction, from start to finish.


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