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When dealing with property transactions, you should always have a legal advisor next to you. Why? The reason is simple: A property transaction is one of the most complex transactions some people will ever be involved in because of all the legal formalities that are required to complete the whole process. From document creation and filing, to negotiation and settlement, hiring soliciting conveyancing in Melbourne is a must.

It is essential that you know what you are getting into before signing a contract. A professional law firm like Mr Conveyancer guides and advises you on various aspects to secure your future.

Conveyancing includes completing all the legal formalities that are related to purchase, sale or transfer of a property. The person generally appointed by the client to do all this work for them is known as a conveyancer. The conveyancer is a professional expert having robust knowledge regarding the conveyancing laws of Victoria.

A conveyancer in Melbourne such as Mr Conveyancer has the following roles:

  • Be it purchase, sale or transfer—a conveyancer generally prepares all the necessary documents like a Section 32 (Vendor Statement) and the final contract, required to complete the whole process.
  • Solicitors can also provide legal advice to their clients at every step along the way. Certain circumstances might arise where you are vague regarding any clause contained in the contract. We will explain it to you in simple terms.
  • Proper decision making in regard to the special conditions contained in a contract is important. This is also one of the roles a law firm like Mr Conveyancer play. We will guide you regarding every special condition.


At times, dealing with certain parties like real estate agents or other parties involved in a legal property transaction might become difficult. Under such circumstances, we will work with you to help solve any problems or issues that crop up along the way.

Who is Mr Conveyancer?
Mr Conveyancer is a Melbourne based conveyancing law firm. Our services are not just based in Melbourne. We help our clients in conveyancing matters all across Victoria. Our firm consists of a dynamic team of licensed lawyers, solicitors and conveyancers who always work with a caring approach.

At Mr Conveyancer we fix our fees right at the beginning, and you can click here to obtain an online quote for your particular legal property transaction right now.

Mr Conveyancer is here to offer a complete solution to meet your needs. We have a ‘can do’ attitude and understand that timely and professional attention to detail is required for the best property transaction outcome. We will help you save time and money. Click here to contact us today and explore our quality service and legal conveyancing solutions. Your property deserves the assistance, quality and skill that we offer.