Pre Purchase Contract Checking & Advice

When deciding to purchase a property, you will be provided with a Section 32 Vendors Disclosure Statement from the Real Estate Agent, and maybe even a Contract of Sale. If you are serious about purchasing the property, we advise that you should sent both documents to our office for immediate review.

We will help you to uncover the risks involved in the various conditions that would otherwise be overlooked, without their thorough scrutiny.

  • We will check the Section 32 Vendor Statement—a very crucial document in the purchase transaction.
  • Our expert lawyers will guide and advise you personally on the Section 32 Vendor Statement. Your legal obligations will also be pointed out to you.
  • We will also advise you of the legalities regarding any special condition in the Contract of Sale that you need to fulfil.
  • We will assist you in any questions you have about liaising with the Real Estate Agent.
  • In case your interests needs to be protected, we will draft the required special condition for achieving that goal.

How will you get started?

You should contact us via email or phone as soon as you decide to purchase property. A mistake many clients commit is contacting us days after they have signed the contract of sale. This leaves us with very little or no time to do the necessary review and research regarding the property.

We also expect our clients to be totally honest and transparent with us regarding all the concerning matters. To serve you the best we need to know everything with total transparency.

Mr Conveyancer is here to offer a complete solution to meet your needs. We have a ‘can do’ attitude and understand that timely and professional attention to detail is required for the best property transaction outcome. We will help you save time and money. Click here to contact us today and explore our quality service and legal conveyancing solutions. Your property deserves the assistance, quality and skill that we offer.

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