Commercial Leasing & Lease Advice

As a landlord or tenant, leasing a commercial property can be a complex and lengthy process. At Mr Conveyancer, we understand the intricacies of commercial leasing and can provide expert advice and services to ensure that your lease is well-drafted and accurately reflects your needs and objectives.

The Importance of Expert Lease Advice

Leases can vary in their complexity, size, and terms, and it is important to have a lawyer with experience in leasing to review the lease for you and request changes on your behalf. Entering into a lease is a big financial commitment, and a long-term one, so it is imperative that the lease terms are reviewed carefully so that you understand your obligations under a lease. A retail and commercial leasing lawyer will help to ensure that necessary amendments are made to protect you, as there are financial penalties of not seeing the lease out to its full term.

Our Commercial Leasing Services

At Mr Conveyancer, we offer a range of commercial leasing services to assist with all aspects of commercial leasing, including advising on and drafting commercial leases and disclosure statements, heads of agreement, comprehensive leasing agreements and special conditions, license agreements, and transfer of leases. We also provide advice and assistance in relation to commercial tenancies, including rent negotiations, legal obligations, and breach of agreements.

Our Lease Advice Services

We understand that negotiating the terms of a lease can be complicated and time-consuming. Our team of experienced lawyers can review and advise on contracts and leases to ensure that your interests are protected.

We can also provide considered and detailed legal advice on:

  1. License agreements;
  2. Commercial tenancies; 
  3. Commercial leasing and disclosure statements; and
  4. Transfer of leases.
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