buying and selling during coronavirus

Buying a House During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Being locked down in your dream house and in your dream neighbourhood would be the best thing to happen during this pandemic, right? The safety protocol of staying at home would totally be fine in this situation and would not be a bother to you at all. But what if it is the other way around? You got locked down inside the house you have been dying to get out of and in that neighbourhood that you could not wait to leave? A real nightmare, isn’t it?

What about changing your perspective? This coronavirus pandemic should not make you dwell on all things negative, rather, use this time to strategically plan your future. It should not stop you from pursuing that most coveted dream house, but should push you to make that dream come true once and for all. You should take advantage of the fact that the world slowed down so you can reflect and confirm if your image of a dream house remains the same, taking into consideration the current situation. Now is the best time to ask yourself, am I willing to be locked in that new dream house for months and months? Would that neighbourhood be the best area to be living in during this kind of situation? This pandemic has shifted our views on a lot of things, it should do the same to your view on what a dream house is for you and your family.

At Mr Conveyancer, we say this time gives you an opportunity to really think about what house you should be living in, to give you that stress-free life. Perhaps, you have been eyeing a property because it is within your budget, but now, you are open to considering paying more for a property that you know will be safer and bring more convenience, or maybe less for a property as you have come to realise your finances were not as secure as you had always thought?

Sure, real estate transactions are not operating normally nowadays in Melbourne or regional Victoria, but it doesn’t mean you cannot carry on with the procedure of buying your dream house. You can start with checking for the best home loan deals available currently. It is said that this pandemic has brought about low home loan interest rates which you can take advantage of. If your current job is secure and you are on a good financial standing, there shouldn’t be a problem on getting approved even if banks are stricter with their policies.

While physical inspection of your dream home is not yet allowed, you can, in the meantime request for a virtual tour until the government allows an in-person inspection again. Virtual tours give you more time and opportunity to check and re-check each and every part of the premises of that dream house. At least, when the time comes that you can finally go out and be inside it, you have already pointers in your mind of what areas or materials of the house you want to specifically check out and ask about because you had the opportunity to go over it a number of times already. You can also seek a Building and Pest Inspection to have someone go over the finer details and give you an accurate report that you can keep to refer back to.

As conveyancing solicitors we can give you advice, and our advice is that this pandemic should not make you lose hope in getting that dream house, it should actually drive you to work on it more aggressively. The slowdown in real estate operations because of government health protocols in fact gives you the opportunity of making a truly informed decision before sealing that deal. It’s all about perspective. As the American Rapper Kid Cudi says, “The end is never the end. A new challenge awaits.”

Get your new home conveyancing sorted with Mr Conveyancer. We are here to help you and look forward to doing so, with a comfortable fit for any budget. Click here to book a discovery call with Mr Conveyancer now.

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