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Why do I have to sign a Client Authorisation Form?

What is a Client Authorisation Form? A party to a real estate transaction can appoint a registered conveyancer or legal practitioner to represent them. This can be accomplished by signing a client authorisation form giving

Electronic Conveyancing

Why Electronic Conveyancing?

Electronic conveyancing, often known as e-Conveyancing, is the term for electronic transactions and settlements.  Here at Mr Conveyancer, we are dedicated to fostering innovation in the conveyancing and real estate industries, as we strive to

First Home Buyers
Tips and Tricks

Can I Buy My First Home?

It’s exciting to imagine each room in your first home. You plan every party and gathering in your new place, where you should put the new couch and what colour you should paint your bedroom

Conveyancing 101

Conveyancing 101: The Basics

So, you’ve finally found your dream home. It is the perfect size, with a brand new kitchen and in your dream neighborhood. Just when you’re ready to buy the property, you realise that it’s not

Conveyancer or Solicitor
Tips and Tricks

Who Should I Hire? Conveyancer or Solicitor?

A conveyancer or Solicitor is a necessary process when buying or selling property as it enables the successful transfer of the title of your property. To help you complete the conveyancing you can use either

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