We're not just conveyancers, we're an established conveyancing law practice.

We're not just conveyancers, we're an established conveyancing law practice.

Melbourne Conveyancing

Do you want a fixed-fee service to buy or sell your house? 

If so, and you also want to save money, Mr Conveyancer is the solution.

It’s that simple, no hidden costs, no unexpected surprises.

Some conveyancing firms are like robots. But not us, we’re a law firm with thinking lawyers, so if we hit any problems, we deal with them, in-house.

We provide peace of mind for buyers and sellers and take great pride in providing a premium level of service for all conveyancing and property work.

We also offer online conveyancing in Victoria so you won’t need to visit our office.


Thank you to the whole team for their assistance in my recent conveyancing transaction. I will recommend Mr Conveyancer to all my friends and family.



A special thank you to the team. Gave me advice and told me to steer clear of my first choice, which I am so thankful for.



Thanks to the team from Mr C. Excellent and speedy customer service.



I would recommend Mr Conveyancer. U took the stress out of it all for me.



I cannot recommend Mr Conveyancer enough. From the first phone call right through to settlement, Mr Conveyancer has been amazing. Mr Conveyancer was a pleasure to deal with, courteous, responsible, and above all, knowledgeable.



We were quoted in excess of $3,000 using traditional law firms but wanted the security of a law firm without the hefty price, so decided to give Mr Conveyancer the work. A great decision.



When I saw their competitive pricing, I thought customer service was going to be a let down. Well I can honestly say that we had an amazing experience from start to finish. They went above and beyond, even giving me prompt and honest legal advice and sorting it all out.



Conveyancing In Melbourne – Why Mr Conveyancer Is Your Best Choice

If you’re buying or selling property in Melbourne, you’ll undoubtedly require the services of a conveyancing agency. But, why settle for just any agency when you can have the best conveyancing services in Melbourne. At Mr Conveyancer, we are a top-notch conveyancing law firm that makes our clients’ interests a priority.

Not just that, we have the years of experience and expertise to handle your conveyancing needs in Victoria without any hitches. So, whether you’re buying or selling property in Melbourne, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. 

The best part? 

Despite our top-rated services and highly-qualified conveyancing solicitors, our prices remain competitive and affordable.

That said, let us examine some of the benefits of partnering with a Melbourne conveyancer.

Benefits of Working With a Melbourne Conveyancer

Whether you’re buying a property in Melbourne or you’re selling some, it is generally better to work with a Melbourne-based conveyancing agency like Mr Conveyancer. Not only are we familiar with the real estate and property laws in Victoria (and of course, Melbourne), but we also have various resources within the city we can use to serve your best interests.

However, that is not all. 

Let us explore some other benefits of choosing a top-tier Melbourne conveyancing company.

  • We’ll help you simplify the technical legal jargon.

Understandably, not everybody can relate to the ton of complex legal information that comes with buying or selling property in Melbourne. This is where we come into play. You see, Mr Conveyancer offers you a conveyancing law firm full of experts who are ready to break down the law technicalities for you.

  • We’ll help you draft your legal documents.

Buying property in Melbourne will require drawing up and completing several legal paperwork. The same thing holds true when you’re selling property in Melbourne. Thankfully, our team is quite familiar with the property law in Melbourne. So, we can guide you smoothly through the legal drafting process.

  • We’ll walk you through the entire conveyancing process.

Conveyancing in Melbourne can be a very confusing and somewhat overwhelming process for the average person. There is also the ever-present risk of mistakes for the untrained seller or buyer. However, by working with an agency like Mr Conveyancer, we take the guesswork out of your business transactions – from start to finish.

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Buying Property and Need A Melbourne Conveyancer?

Are you looking to buy some property in Melbourne? Do you want professional conveyancing services to ensure the deal goes down smoothly? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Mr Conveyancer offers the best conveyancing in Victoria at large, and we’re ready to help you.

Indeed, our property lawyers are ever-ready to help you navigate the treacherous waters of Melbourne’s real estate laws. Of course, our entire staff (from the lawyers to the customer care team) have the necessary qualifications and certifications to ensure they can give you high-quality services.

Moreover, we always go the extra mile to secure the interests of our clients with our effective conveyancing.

So, if you’re in the market to buy private or commercial property, we can help you experience a hitch-free transaction. Reach out to us today.

Selling Property and Need A Melbourne Conveyancer?

Conveyancing and property transactions are all we do at Mr Conveyancer. Quite naturally, we’ve managed to achieve excellence in Melbourne conveyancing over the years. So, if you’re selling property in Melbourne, we are a top choice to help you breeze through the entire business transaction.

At Mr conveyancing, our team is ever-present to walk you through every step of the selling process. This includes everything from receiving legal advice from our conveyancing lawyers to attending meetings on your behalf. Of course, we always make sure to keep our client’s best interests at the forefront of our property transactions.

Are you selling property in Melbourne? Take advantage of our high-quality conveyancing services. Call Mr Conveyancer on (03) 7038 3550.

How Mr Conveyancer In Melbourne Can Help You

Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading conveyancing agencies in Melbourne. Indeed, we are arguably the best at what we do.

Understandably, you’re probably wondering what this means for your real estate and property transactions. Well, we’ll tell you. 

You see, whether you’re buying or selling property in Victoria and its environs, you’ll need to hire a conveyancing company. That said, here are some of the advantages you enjoy when you allow Mr Conveyancer to handle your conveyancing needs:

  • We’ll offer you consultations for your conveyancing sales and purchases.
  • We’ll help you prepare all the legal documents to facilitate the acquisition or sale of your desired property.
  • We’ll provide you with regular updates on the happenings with your property transactions. 
  • We’ll give you step-by-step guidance and professional advice on the decisions we think you should make.
  • We’ll help you finalize the details of your property settlement.

All these and more are some of the ways we, at Mr Convenyancer, can help make your property sale or purchase dreams a reality. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you enjoy smooth property transactions. More importantly, we are committed to ensuring our clients get the highest quality of service possible. Indeed, our testimonials say as much.

Are you look for top-notch conveyancing services in Melbourne? Reach out to Mr Conveyancer today. We’d love to help you. Call (03) 7038 3550 today to speak with an expert.

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