We're not just conveyancers, we're an established Melbourne conveyancing law practice.

We are 100% Australian and your calls never go offshore.

Do you want a fixed-fee conveyancing to buy or sell your house? Mr Conveyancer is the solution. It’s that simple, no hidden costs, no unexpected surprises. We also offer online conveyancing in Victoria so you won’t need to visit our office.

Benefits of Working With a Melbourne Conveyancer

Whether you’re buying a property in Melbourne or you’re selling some, it is generally better to work with a Melbourne-based conveyancing agency like Mr Conveyancer. Not only are we familiar with the real estate and property laws in Victoria (and of course, Melbourne suburbs), but we also have various resources within the city we can use to serve your best interests. However, that is not all. 

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We’ll help you simplify the technical legal jargon.

Understandably, not everybody can relate to the ton of complex legal information that comes with buying or selling property in Melbourne. This is where we come into play. You see, Mr Conveyancer offers you a conveyancing law firm full of experts who are ready to break down the law technicalities for you.

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We’ll help you draft your legal

Buying property in Melbourne will require drawing up and completing several legal paperwork. The same thing holds true when you’re selling property in Melbourne. Thankfully, our team is quite familiar with the property law in Melbourne. So, we can guide you smoothly through the legal drafting process.

Melbourne Conveyancing

We’ll walk you through the entire conveyancing process.

Conveyancing in Melbourne can be a very confusing and somewhat overwhelming process for the average person. There is also the ever-present risk of mistakes for the untrained seller or buyer. However, by working with an agency like Mr Conveyancer, we take the guesswork out of your business transactions – from start to finish.


What are you waiting for?

Mr Conveyancer is the solution. It's that simple, no hidden costs, no unexpected surprises. 

Why Mr Conveyancer Is Your Best Choice

If you’re buying or selling property in Melbourne, you’ll undoubtedly require the services of a conveyancing agency. But, why settle for just any agency when you can have the best conveyancing services in Melbourne. At Mr Conveyancer, we are a top-notch conveyancing law firm that makes our clients’ interests a priority.

Not just that, we have the years of experience and expertise to handle your conveyancing needs in Victoria without any hitches. So, whether you’re buying or selling property in Melbourne, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. 

The best part? 

Despite our top-rated services and highly-qualified conveyancing solicitors, our prices remain competitive and we offer fixed fee conveyancing options so there are no nasty surprises.

That said, let us examine some of the benefits of partnering with a Melbourne conveyancer.